Monday, October 1, 2018

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CommUniversity Day banner

Stony Brook University had a community fair Saturday, September 22, to improve community relations and let the locals know that they're welcome on campus any time.

open air market
The four-hour fair, CommUniversity Day, featured many fun university activities, such as marching band, dance and choral performances, science demonstrations, the traditional Stony Brook rubber duck races, and an ice cream social. Video

article about housing issues

 Historically, Stony Brook students haven't felt very welcomed by the local community. Inexpensive student housing is very difficult to find in the upscale area, and there have been many complaints in the past few years about noise from students and other housing code violations. Many of the complaints have come from the Stony Brook Concerned Homeowners organization.

Bruce Sander
 Bruce Sander, leader of the group, was impressed by Stony Brook's efforts and hope that they can continue to discuss the problems.  The first 3,000 visitors received a free reusable tote bag. Photos

marching band

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