Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Wild Card Project

Climate Change

Climate Change impact graphic

Scientists have been warning us that greenhouse gases were creating climate change since the early 19th century. In October, the UN released a study that shows we have about 12 years to clean up the Earth or risk a lot more wildfires, poverty, migration, hurricanes, and worse.  This is the first study to warn that it will only be a few years before we see horrible changes that cannot be reversed.

Projected impact on climate change on agricultural yields

13 federal agencies released a report last Friday warning that we're already being affected by it in major ways. Not only are there more natural disasters, such as hurricanes and fires, but we're being hurt economically by it. Extreme heat in particular is already affecting the world's productivity and food supply as well as causing more disease transmission. These are not new warnings, but they're getting more press lately. Every respectable scientist in the world agrees that mankind is causing climate change. It needs to stop if we're to survive in the next few decades.

Climate Destabilization

64% of Americans think that we should be doing more about climate change, but people are not willing to do much about it. They figure that someone will fix this. However, it probably won't be fixed because of these attitudes.  These are the facts from NASA that cannot be disputed.  Some think that we need more education and media attention to the problems, to make people care about climate change before it's too late.

Two Possible Futures for Climate Change

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